Penbrook Resort

All rates quoted do not include applicable taxes

Cottage check out is 10:00 am and check in is 2:00pm

The rules below are in place so that all campers and cottagers can fully enjoy Penbrook Resort.  Any rules that are not adhered to will be dealt with by management.

Penbrook Resort Rules

  1. One trailer or RV, 2 vehicles per site, for additional parking see the office.
  2. Park opens on May 1st and closes on Thanksgiving weekend.  Throughout the winter months if you would like to maintain your trailer ie shovel snow off roof, please advise office prior to your arrival.
  3. Annual seasonal fees may be paid in 2 installments with 50% due on first weekend in the park or no later than May 15th with the remainder due by July 15th.  Any exceptions to these dates should be discussed with management.  Failure to comply will result in termination of seasonal site.  Any trailers removed in the spring will be responsible for winter storage fees.
  4. Visitors: All visitors and guests must register on the sign in board located in the laundry room upon arrival.  Registered campers are responsible for ensuring their visitors have properly registered and fees have been paid and camp ground rules are followed.  Failure to register visitors will result in loss of visitor privileges.
  5. Beach: There is no lifeguard on duty.  Swim at your own risk. Please ensure individual garbage, recycling & cigarette butts are to be removed at the end your time at the beach, the firepit at the beach is not a garbage can.   No glass or bottles on the sand or in the water.  Parents to ensure children are appropriately supervised.
  6. No horseplay on slide, docks & swimming raft.  No diving off docks.
  7. No fishing off docks or in swimming area.
  8. Quiet hours are between 12:00 pm and 9:00 am.  Please advise office of excessive noise issues.
  9. Speed limit is 5MPH throughout the entire park.  If it seems ridiculously slow, you’re doing it right!!  Excess speed will not be tolerated.  Anyone who repeatedly speeds through the park will be dealt with. No driving over the septic system at the back.
  10. Penbrook Resort is pet-friendly, but owners will be totally responsible for their pets at all times. Pets must be kept on a leash and not be allowed to bother campers. Please stoop and scoop. No pets in the swimming area.  Dogs can swim in the boat launch area.  Play time with your dog can be enjoyed using your discretion.
  11. No smoking in the store, rec hall, laundry room, washrooms and showers – all public buildings.
  12. Cutting down any live or dead trees or shrubs is not permitted without authorization.
  13. Please be respectful of others when using the Showers & Washrooms.  Please leave showers tidy by using mops provided.  Notify office if supplies are depleted.  There is a new electric hot water heater, but remember to limit length of showers to ensure hot water for everyone.
  14. Park and basketball hours from 9:00am to 11:00pm.  No standing on swings.
  15. To protect the life of the shuffleboard please refrain from walking on the surface.
  16. Rec Hall is there for your enjoyment, there are poker chips, darts, movies, games etc available to sign out.   Any equipment/chairs/tables used must be returned to their original state upon leaving.  All garbage must be cleaned up. No smoking.  Abuse of this area will result in privileges being revoked.
  17. Penbrook recycles.  Good news, our local recycling depot does not require recyclables to be sorted, so all glass, plastic and tin can be thrown into the same bin.  We do request that you burn any paper & cardboard products in your campfires to keep our dumping fees low.  The dumpster is for household garbage only!!  Broken furniture, grills, rugs, cushions, speakers, batteries, BBQs etc. are not considered household trash and should be taken with you or disposed of at the local recycling station.  See office for map.  Failure to comply will result in garbage fees.  Please do not litter, this includes cigarette butts.
  18. All campfires must be kept to a reasonable level and not left unattended. No cutting wood, dead or alive, on campground or adjoining property without management approval.  Daytime burning is prohibited as per local by law, please check with management for exceptions to this bylaw.  Fire bans will be posted on rec hall and must be strictly adhered to.
  19. Fireworks are not to be set off on park property without the approval of park management.
  20. Trailer sites must be kept tidy at all times.  Seasonal guests are encouraged to improve their sites through the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers. However, no alterations are to be made to trailer sites without the prior consent of management.  Clean lots will allow for management (time permitting) to assist with your grass cutting.
  21. No digging due to underground electric and water supply line.
  22. All building of decks, sheds, gazebos etc must be discussed and approved by management prior to building.
  23. Limited use of ATV’s and dirt bikes on campground, enjoy our easy access to the nearby trails. We welcome your use of golf carts on the campground roads, but limit the joy riding through the park and please adhere to speed limits.  It is expected that golf cart owners monitor those driving their carts.
  24. Boats and utility trailers are to be stored in designated areas. They must not be left on trailer sites.  See management for assigned space.
  25. Beaching of boats is not permitted.  Only boats with assigned docks can be left in the water, all others must be pulled out nightly.
  26. Tents on sites are welcome for the enjoyment of your children, all other overnight tenters must be booked through the office.
  27. The Bell payphone is there for your convenience, please respect your surroundings.
  28. Penbrook is a family campground continuous use of profanity will not be tolerated!


A deposit equivalent to ________ is due at time of reservation, with full payment being due ______days prior to arrival. Payments are non-refundable once due and no refunds will be given for cancellations; THIS INCLUDES ALL NO-SHOWS AND EARLY DEPARTURES.

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