Boat Race



Kids, make your very own cardboard boat, any size, any shape, and come sail with us on Saturday July 30th at 2:00 p.m. at the beach.

Parents, treat this like a school project and let the kids do as much of the building as they are able to do (depending on age), but please feel free to assist where needed.


  • You can only use cardboard (any type), duck tape and paint. (No styrafoam, metal, wood, plastic, flotation devices etc. of any kind).  Paddles will be supplied but if you like you can make your own paddle – only one per boat.
  • Size your boat for yourself or make it for a group of up to 4 kids.
  • Boats will be judged by age group based on the following:
    • Most creative
    • Longest Afloat

Make it a family affair.  Have fun creating your boat design as a family and come down and join in the fun.   All ages are welcome!  We look forward to our maiden voyage at the beach.

If you have any questions please see  Debbie, Bill or Barb.


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